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#10 Antique Brass Heavy Duty Separating (Jacket) Zipper

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    Product Details

    Common uses:
    Leather jackets, chaps, bomber jackets, construction clothing, coats, sweatshirts, hoodies

    Description: #10 antique brass heavy-duty separating zippers are made of heavy-gauge metal and feature teeth that measure approximately 10mm (1/2 inch) wide when zipped. These jumbo zippers separate at the bottom, jacket-style. The zipper teeth have a shiny gold/brass finish. These are one-way zippers (they have one slider). They are the strongest antique brass zipper available from Zipper Shipper. For a zipper with a shiny brass finish, see #10 Brass Zippers.

    This zipper is right-handed unless you check the box for "make left-handed."

    Available colors: Black, Brown-Medium

    Available lengths: 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches

    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating of 27 Reviews:

    Exactly what I hoped the zipper to be.


    Great Zipper! Replaced broken zipper in Carhart jacket. Nice, heavy duty zipper, great quality! Great customer service. Ordered first zipper which never arrived. After contacting Zipper Shipper they sent out new zipper with tracking information. Will certainly order replacement zippers for 2 more jackets.


    I ordered the Size 10 antique brass zipper with Black tape to replace a worn out on a motorcycle jacket. The zipper is STOUT and will certainly provide long life. The tape is a polyester blend, and I expect it to have a long life as well. I was looking for a yankee kilo kilo zipper, and thought this might be alright. I was wrong; it is better. The pull is a good size, has a nice strong lock, and the zipper teeth engage smoothly and firmly. Glad to have the improvement to a near-daily worn riding jacket.



    Replacement for hunting coat cost less to replace zipper than buying a new coat


    I purchased this zipper as a second replacement for my husband's Carhartt jacket. The seamstress who replaced it said this one would definitely last! This is a solid, heavy duty zipper. Highly recommended for rugged jackets like Carhartt.


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