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#10 Molded Plastic Two-Way Extra-Long Heavy Duty Separating (Tent / Sleeping Bag) Zipper

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    Product Details

    Common uses: Camping tents, E-Z UP pop up tents, sleeping bags, awnings, hunting blinds, golf cart enclosures

    Description: #10 molded plastic extra-long two-way separating zippers feature teeth that measure approximately 10mm (1/2 inch) wide when zipped. #10 molded plastic extra-long separating zippers separate at the bottom, jacket-style. These are jumbo 2-way zippers (they have two sliders), and are sometimes called dual zippers, double zippers, or two-head zippers. These zippers unzip from the top down, or the bottom up. They are especially useful for tents, as you can circulate air more easily than with a one-way zipper. 2-handled sliders allow zipping from either the inside of the structure or the outside of the structure.

    Made in the USA.

    Available color: Black, White

    Available lengths: 72 inches (6 feet), 108 inches (9 feet), 192 inches (16 feet)

    Zipper Teeth Width: 10 mm (approximately 0.5 inches)

    Total Width: 1.5 inches


    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    This was a quality zipper and worked well in the bag I was working with


    I am making a quilted guitar case. I think that the zippers I purchased will be perfect. I'm so excited with my.
    sewing project so far. Thank you.



    I bought this zipper to sew into my sleeping bag. Took me a while to hand sew in, but so far, seems to be a great purchase.


    Received a zipper that didn’t function properly. Customer service was great and promptly sent a replacement. Product is very durable , high quality at a good price.


    The zipper of the side door of my small tent got jammed several years ago and I got tired of trying to wiggle out of the small opening that remained. I did not know where to get a replacement until I discovered Zipper Shipper online. I couldn't resist the company name, and they had at least two zippers that would work. I chose the heavy molded plastic zipper instead of the coil, thinking it would be less likely to jam. Anyway, it's done and it's good, and whenever I need another zipper, I know where to get it!

    New Mexico

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