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#3 Invisible / Concealed Identical Nylon Separating Zipper

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    Product Details

    Common uses:
    Lightweight and medium-weight outerwear, jackets, formalwear, sweaters, dresses, skirts, costumes

    Description: #3 invisible / concealed identical nylon separating zippers are lightweight zippers. These zippers separate at the bottom, jacket-style. Color is less significant for these bottom separating invisible zippers; only the puller shows, and it can be repainted with enamel paint or nail polish.

    Note: #3 invisible / concealed identical nylon separating zippers are not truly invisible zippers. The structure of these zippers is merely a #3 nylon coil zipper, flipped around, so the teeth are facing the inside rather than the outside of the zipper chain. You cannot sew all the way to the teeth, however, you get an invisible look.

    Available colors: Black, Blue – Medium, Grey – Medium, Natural, Turquoise, White, Wine

    Available length: 24 inches (black, white, and turquoise only), 36 inches

    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    When I realized I needed this very special zipper for two wedding lehenga cholis of my own design, I wasn’t even sure they existed. Can’t find them in the stores and the other separating zippers are heavier duty (think jackets), don’t come in custom lengths (an absolute necessity in my case), are only available in a couple of basic colors and are visible if there‘a no concealing fly front (which my cholis did not have). I was so relieved to find these at zipper shipper but time was very short. Thank goodness they had expedited shipping options!!!

    So, these items were not cheap (I think they were over $10 each for a customized length) and cost over $60 to get expedited but not guaranteed shipping (another $20+ for guaranteed but I had to draw the line somewhere and there should’ve been enough time for it to get to me). I was really biting my nails. Five stars on getting this order out in a timely fashion. It arrived a day earlier than expected!

    I ordered 7” zippers and from top to bottom of the teeth these measured 8”, not including the extra length of tape. Ok, not cool but not fatal, since I could just borrow fabric from the hem and neckline and make the garment longer.

    They were a little finicky. The metal tip that inserts at the bottom had to be pushed in carefully before zipping up. After the garment was done and my daughter was trying it on, I must not have had it all the way in. When I went to zip it up, the teeth didn’t align as the pull went up and I almost died thinking I had just broken the thing with no time to replace it. But I was able to get it unzipped and it still worked fine!

    All in all, the quality was fine, the prompt service was excellent, even if the item wasn’t exactly to order. That zipper shipper makes this specialty item at all is a minor miracle! I’m incredibly grateful to have found this company.

    My daughter looked amazing in her outfits and all the Indian ladies raved about how professional her clothing looked


    Thank you for being a reliable resource for zippers of all kinds.


    I needed a zipper that after sewn on looked reversed (flat side out) for a friend. The hoodie meant a lot to him. Zipper shipper was the only place that had EXACTLY what I needed!! Thank you!

    Atl, GA

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