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#3 Nylon Coil Closed-End Wholesale Zippers

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    Product Details

    **To qualify for quantity discounts, zippers must be the same color and length. The discounted price will appear on the shopping cart page after you have added the items to your cart.**

    Common uses: Dresses, skirts, pants, pillows, purses, duvet covers, boots

    Description: If you are looking for quality zippers at wholesale prices, look no further! Available in bulk and individually, #3 nylon coil zippers are lightweight and feature teeth that measure approximately 3mm (1/10 inch) wide when zipped. These #3 nylon zippers do not separate at the bottom; rather, they are closed-ended like a zipper on the fly of a pair of pants. They are available in a rainbow of colors. These are one-way zippers (they have one slider). These lightweight zippers are great for clothing like dresses, and also non-garment applications, like change purses. Quantity discounts / wholesale discounts will be automatically applied to orders of 10+, 50+ or 100+ zippers of the same color and length. See below for bulk pricing.

    Made in the USA.

    Available colors: Beige, Black, Blue –Light, Blue – Medium, Blue – Royal, Brown – Dark, Brown – Light, Brown – Medium, Green – Dark, Green - Kelly (36" Only), Green – Light, Grey – Dark, Grey – Light, Grey – Medium, Natural, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pink – Hot,Pink – Light, Purple, Red, Rust, Turquoise, White, Wine, Yellow

    Available lengths: 7 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, 72 inches, 108 inches. 72" and 108" lengths currently available in white only.

    Sampler packs: Need one of each color for a physical reference/color matching, or just want a colorful stash of zippers? Select "Sampler Pack" as the color and you will receive one each of all 26 colors. Please also select the length. A quantity of 1 entered for a sample pack actually means you will receive 26 zippers, one in each color. A quantity of 2 sample packs means you will receive 2 of each color, 52 zippers. This is a great way to see the entire color palette that we stock. The color shades found in #3 nylon coil sample packs are representative across zipper styles - meaning the shade of red found in a sampler pack of #3 nylon coil closed end zippers is the same shade of red offered in other styles of zippers, for example invisible zippers and molded plastic zippers. So a sampler pack can serve the same purpose as a color card for all zipper styles. 

    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    Lightening speed shipping, great zippers, HUGE selection and great prices. And they sent me a seam ripper! They knew I'd screw up! Haha



    I am very impressed with the quality of these zippers and they cost me about 1/3 or so of same product at retail prices. Fast shipping. I definitely will be ordering again.

    Eau Claire


    Just placed my 4th order. Very pleased. This makes my job so much more pleasurable because I don't have to worry about things. Thank you.


    Good quality; great price and fast shipping. Very pleased!!


    This webpage made shopping for our zippers easy. We would love to see the zippers in color when you click on each colored square. Also, another great selling tool would be to sell the zippers by the bag (multiple colors) according to zipper size.

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