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Zipper Rescue Kit - Clothing Zipper Slider Repair Kit

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    Product Details

    Clothing Kit - Zipper Slider Repair Kit
    By Zipper Rescue

    Need to replace the sliders on clothing like jackets, jeans, pants, skirts, or dresses? Not sure exactly which sliders you need? The Zipper Rescue Kit contains an assortment of the most common types of replacement zipper sliders found on clothing to help with slider repairs.

    The Clothing Kit is designed for repairs on jeans, skirts and slacks, purses, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

    Includes 11 sliders, 6 top stops and 4 bottom stops of various sizes.

    It also comes with a helpful sizing guide and detailed instruction manual for how to repair your slider. The repairs require a standard pair of pliers and wire cutters.

    Contact information is inside the kit for excellent customer service and hard-to-find parts.

    Parts Included:

    • Sizing Guide
    • Instruction Manual


    (2) #5 Coil - Black

    (2) #3 Coil - Sliver

    (2) #4.5 Metal Tooth - Brass

    (2) #5 Metal Tooth - Antique Brass

    (2) #5 Molded Plastic Tooth - Black

    (1) #3 Molded Plastic Tooth - Black


    (6) Top Stops - Black and Gold

    (4) Bottom Stops - Gold

    Please Note:
    - Missing or visibly damaged teeth on zippers cannot be repaired.

    - Missing or damaged box or pin pieces at the bottom of a jacket zipper cannot be replaced or repaired

    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Good product with clear instructions on putting in a zipper slide. Worked like a charm.



    My sweatshirt zipper broke, but the sweatshirt was still in good repair. Not knowing how to fix it, I looked up this product on the internet and decided to try it. It worked just as expected. It was quick and easy to fix.

    Norton Shores


    Never thought that after 65 years on this planet I would learn all I needed to know about zippers. Got the kit from Zipper Shipper and repaired my work jacket. No longer need I fear the tyranny of the zipper!



    This set was exactly what I needed to repair my daughter’s jacket. Simple to use, with good instructions.


    Repair kit had clear instructions & nice quality zipper repair products. I fixed the zipper on my daughter's jacket in less than 30 minutes!

    Eastern Washington State

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