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Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The history of the humble zipper is a surprisingly short one, considering how ubiquitous this small device is now. Compared to previous fasteners, the zipper was fairly complex and so required “modern” machinery to design and produce it. Despite being short, the history of the zipper is pretty interesting. So, let’s look at when zippers were invented and who invented the zipper. Who Invented the Zipper? A Swedish-American engineer called Gideon Sundback is generally credited with inventing the...

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Posted Sunday, September 6, 2020
Should you go with a full kit or individual sliders instead?

Broken zipper? That’s a bummer, but with some help from a zipper repair kit it, doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to a beloved coat or sleeping bag. As we have talked about before, some zippers that need repair need an entirely new zipper, while some just need their sliders replaced. If you have a situation where the slider needs to be replaced, then a zipper repair kit is your friend. Kit or Individual Parts? Say you need a new slider and stops, but don’t know exactly which ones. One...

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