Brass metal zippers have many uses: coats, jackets, jeans, purses, boots, sleeping bags, and more! The zipper teeth on these zippers are made of metal and look gold in color. The gauge of the zipper indicates how wide the zipper teeth are when zipped. #5 means the zipper teeth measure 5 millimeters in width when zipped, #10 means the zipper teeth measure 10 millimeters in width when the zipped, etc. The higher the gauge, the more heavy duty the zipper is. So a #10 is heavy-duty, while a #5 zipper is medium-weight. If you need a brass metal zipper for a coat or jacket, make sure it is a separating zipper. A separating zipper detaches completely at the bottom. In contrast, if you are using the zipper for upholstery or a project where the zipper doesn't need to separate completely, you can work with zipper chain by the yard or any of the closed-ended metal zippers within this section.