More About Heavy Duty Zippers From Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies...

What Are Heavy Duty Zippers?

The heavy duty zippers found here are #10 gauge zippers, which means the teeth measure approximately 10 millimeters (about 1/2 inch) across when zipped. They are very large, wide zippers and much sturdier than the medium weight #5 zippers (5 mm across / about ? inch) which are commonly found in retail stores as ?heavy duty zippers.?

What Are Heavy Duty Zippers Used For?

These heavy duty zippers and industrial zippers for sewing are designed to replace zippers on coats, work jackets, tents, canvas, sleeping bags, duffel bags, military bags, and other applications that require zippers with extra strength.

When you repair a jacket or bag with a good replacement zipper, you can extend its life and have many more years of use.

What Materials Are Available for Heavy Duty Zippers?

When doing your zipper repair, you?ll want to select an appropriate type heavy duty replacement zipper. Choices of zipper teeth include: brass, antique brass, nickel, aluminum, and molded plastic. The strongest is nickel, followed by antique brass and brass. Aluminum is a very lightweight metal so when the overall weight of an item needs to be minimized but you still need a heavy-duty zipper, it can be an excellent option. Zippers with molded plastic teeth are often used for boats and marine uses.

Are These Available Wholesale?

Yes, most of the heavy duty zippers you see here can be purchased in bulk and a discount will be automatically applied upon adding a qualifying quantity to your online shopping cart. You do not need a wholesale account. Zippers are also available individually.