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#5 Reversible Swingaround Pull Tab Slider for Molded Plastic Zipper Black

#5 Reversible Swing-Around Handle Slider For Molded Plastic Zipper - Black (PSLMP05-151)

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When zippers fall look no further than Zipper Shipper

I was going out the door just for a quick errand put on my jacket zipped it up and I ended up being zipped up half way in the jacket, the tab in my hand, and the broken zipper body falling down at my feet. I thought that was the end for that jacket thankfully I found you and a few minutes later I found the exact same zipper I had just had break on me. Same color with more to choose from, style and most importantly the right size. The new zipper has given my trusty old jacket new life and will continue to keep me warm this fall. Thank you!

Reviews 1-1 of 1