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Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies offers a wide selection of zipper chain by the yard. Also known as continuous zipper chain, this is "raw" zipper material without any stops. It is unfinished zipper material that you assemble yourself. Corresponding sliders are available and are sold individually. Continuous zipper chain (or zipper tape as it is sometimes called) is suitable for closed-ended applications only -- you cannot make a separating zipper out of zipper chain. Zipper tape is particularly handy when making long zippers for things like upholstery and cushions, or any project that utilizes longer than average zippers. Another common use is pillows. Working with zippers by the yard (or zippers by the foot), you can create custom zippers of any length. Zipper shipper offers continuous zipper tape with metal teeth, molded plastic teeth, and nylon zipper teeth. Bulk discounts are available for lengths of 10 yards+ and 100 yards+ for many styles. For most styles, a roll of zipper chain is 100 yards, but you can order shorter lengths as well. Whether you need an entire roll or one yard, you've come to the right place for zipper chain!